No more nursies

Well, apparently C is weaned. She hasn’t asked to nurse for 2 days now and before that it was pretty minimal. I don’t even know how I feel about it. R drove me nuts with his nursing. Not only was it constant, he was always all over me. It made me crazy. I always told people my dirty little AP secret was I never loved nursing. I didn’t hate nursing C. she could sometimes be a marathon nurser, but was rarely all over me. She never did “fly by standing up nursing” like R. She rarely asked in public and almost never bit me. There was just that horrible pinching thing she did. I did hate that. Easily solved with a sock though. I was relieved  when R weaned just after his second birthday. C just turned two also, but I am not exactly happy about this. On the other hand I can be more aggressive with my ND and treating my hormone imbalances. 

The thought of never nursing a baby again breaks my heart. Even though she really isn’t a baby anymore.


~ by nawor on February 28, 2009.

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