I hate Janufeb. Seriously. Even though C’s birthday is on the 6th of Feb., I still hate this time of year. I should say I hate  Novdecjanufebmarapril. Since the weather really does suck from Halloween till May. So happy we have managed to escape from Byron. Not happy it wasn’t to some place warm. Phase two of the escape plan is going to have to be starting an internet business. I have a good idea, but S vetoed it. I think because he found it boring.

It was warm today, but everything is dirty and muddy and overcast, so I didn’t go out anywhere. R wasn’t interested in taking a walk, so I stayed in and cleaned. And put books away. And took things into the basement. And did lots of dishes. And made Valentines with the kids. And cooked. And read books and watched Little Bear and the Wiggles AGAIN. 

And you know who is awake, again. So, i have to cut my complaining short.


~ by nawor on February 11, 2009.

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