love hate relationship

Okay, so I love and hate mostly everything about our new house and living here. Interesting.

My new kitchen is beautiful. I love the granite countertops. But I am really fearful of staining or scratching them. I love my new wood (!!) cupboards. But I hate the deep pantry where I can’t see anything once it goes into the dark recesses beyond the front row. A new fridge is great, but the freezer is on the top and I hate crawling on the floor to get into the crisper drawers.  I really did love my bottom freezer fridge (which I sold yesterday). I do really love my new dishwasher. It’s big and holds tons and washes really well. But there seems to be no place for my corelle rice bowls (which we use all the time), and I can’t turn it off to prevent the baby from starting it. Yesterday it was full of clean dishes and she started it and by the time I figured it out and cancelled the cycle, all the dishes were wet. And there isn’t anyway to just run the dry cycle.

I am going a bit nutsy trying to figure out how to fit everything into this kitchen in a funtional way. If it’s not funtional, what’s the point? It’s useless.

I love the size of the house. It’s cheaper to heat and light, less to clean and forces S to get rid of a lot of his crap collections. But it’s frustrating to not have places to put certain things.

I love where the house is located. I went to a “late season farmer’s market” last night for goodness sake! But just when I make a decision to lose 30 pounds, I see that there are nearly 10 interesting and yummy looking places to eat within walking distance of the house!

I love that there is someone right across the street who is an AP mama and a localvore like me, but worry about her judging me. I drive up with the my huge Ford Explorer and carry in my Walmart bags and wonder if she is tsking her tongue at me in disapproval. In the country I was free to be as crazy I wanted and no one was there to see me or judge me.

I was thinking about last time we moved… it was almost January and it snowed for 2 weeks straight and we didn’t go anywhere (R was 5 months old) for a long time. Stuck in the house, looking out the window at all the white white white as far as you could see.  Now it’s winter again and we are having an “Alberta Clipper.” Temps are in the single digits and here we are stuck in the house again!! All kinds of places to walk to and it’s so cold I can feel my nose hairs freezing when I go outside to get the mail. History repeats itself. Heh.

Apparently everything in my life is an apparent contradiction. Why does this not surprise me?


~ by nawor on January 16, 2009.

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