The city isn’t so bad….

So, here we are, almost New Year’s Day and still living with my mom. The first house we were supposed to buy I decided I hated and didn’t want to live in. So when the inspection showed it needed loads of work just to move in, I just said “cancel the contract” and that’s what happened. I never pushed to have anything else happen and so it didn’t. Then we found another house and we were so stupid to sign a contract with someone who was drunk at the showing and making wild promises and didn’t have anywhere to go after the sale. It was foolish of us to do and we paid for ur stupidity. He refused to close when he promised and refused to close before Xmas and refused to even set a closing date. So this time S. said “cancel the contract!” and so we did. And it was a good thing, because the house was really half-assed and had a tiny yard. It did have a huge man-cave in the attic, but i am happier with S having an office downstairs than hidden away in the attic. So, the new house we settled on is on Hickory street. Which makes me happy. And the yard is nice and big for the city and while it’s not huge, it’s functional and everything is brand new since it’s a flip. We will likely close next week.

In the meantime we have been living with my mom in the city. Of course, S forgot to lock his car and all his work tools were stolen the second week we were here. I hope this was a wake up call for him. Other than that, the city isn’t so bad after all. My mom’s street is quiet, and the neighbors are mostly older and keep to themselves. And I love how close I am to everything. That I can make 5 stops in 2 hours; WITH the kids! And most important , I have been taking R swimming and it’s so good for his SPD. He’s so different when we swim. I think I’ll take him everyday after we move. The water was off for a few hours this morning, but, that’s not so bad after a whole summer and fall of drought at the house last year.


~ by nawor on December 30, 2008.

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